Bayer & Bosch making smart sprayer.

Smart sprayer.

German agrochemical giant Bayer has teamed up with Bosch to develop a smart sprayer system which could reduce chemical usage by 20%. It will automatically detect the type of weeds and switch the herbicide in use as well as only target the areas where weeds are present. Very interesting. Find out ways TractAir can help you plant  and harvest crops more efficentlly here with AirBrakes and CTIS.

DEFRA minister George Eustice to put soil ‘at heart’ of post-Brexit support scheme

Protecting and enhancing soil health is expected to be ‘at heart’ of a flagship environment scheme by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). This new type of scheme could be at the centre of the governments agricultural policy’s for post-Brexit Britain. These comments where made at the Tenant Farmers Association conference at Stoneleigh.

Scotland considering living wage for all agricultural workers

NFU Scotland has raised concerns over the plan which would raise the minimum wage for all agricultural workers regardless of age and duty. This would mean far higher expenditure for farmers who employ workers. NFUS has warned that as a result farmers may have to turn to contractors in the future in order to keep down costs during a time of falling incomes, as well as greatly increasing the cost of Scottish food in comparison to the rest of the United Kingdom.

Cambridgeshire famer Tim Breitmeyer becomes new CLA president.

New CLA president reveled.

Mr Breitmeyer succeeds Ross Murray as the 53rd president in the CLA’s 110-year history. Mr Breitmeyer comes to the head of the organisation during a time of great change for the agricultural sector and has said “It is an opportunity to do better for farming, for our environment and wider land use and for investment in rural communities. I look forward to leading the association as we play our role in shaping policy at this crucial time.” The CLA is the membership organisation for owners of land, property and business in rural England and Wales. Mr Breitmeyer himself farms 1,600 acres as well as contract-farming a further 3,200 acres. We wish him the best of luck as the new CLA president.

NFU calling on president Junker to reauthorise Glythosate.

A joint letter released by four farming unions NFU, NFU Cyrmu, NFU Scotland and the Ulster farmers’ Union has been sent to president Junker, EU farm commissioner Phil Hogan and Eu health commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis. The letter comes as the European Commission decided to not extend the Glythosate products licence beyond the next 5 years. Experts predict that with no current viable alternative available that their will be far reaching consequences from not reauthorising Glythosate.