£30 Million UK-wide competition for countryside 5G

Announced by Digital Secretary Nicky Morgan a competition which has the aim of sparking a tech revolution in countryside communities has been put into place. This will see up to ten rural locations chosen for trails of innovative 5G applications. This is the latest wave of a £200 Million batch of funding to pioneer 5G across the UK this technology offers 10 to 20 times faster speeds than the previous generations.

One place which is already using 5G technology is the Orkney Islands where is it monitoring the salmon fisheries and wind farms. Another is in Shropshire where farming is been aided using the technology for targeted crop spraying and soil analysis using both conventional farming equipment and drones for the monitoring.

The biggest problem however with 5G is having a signal in order to use the technology as well as this competition which aims to bolster growth and development, the government is seeking to reform planning laws in order to allow the expansion of infrastructure quicker and better. Changes could include lifting of restrictions to allow quicker upgrades and also construction of bigger masts by raising the height limit so less masts have to be built.