Air Brakes For Trailers

Why Air Brakes for Trailers?

What makes air brakes for trailers essential? Modern trailers are being built to carry more weight, and at ever higher speeds.  Widespread use of commercial axles means that larger brakes are now often fitted, however many trailers are still supplied with antiquated hydraulic brake actuation.  Without the power to brake the trailer effectively this leads to long stopping distances and a trailer that doesn’t comply with road regulations.  On top of this, the extra load placed on the tractor brakes can be huge, leading to overheating and premature wear.  A system without load sensing will never have the correct brake force which risks locking and jack-knife when empty or insufficient braking when full. 

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The Solution:

Upgrading these trailers to air braking is straightforward, cost effective and a great way to improve safety and driveability, giving the power and control needed to drive at speed on the road.  A load sensing valve automatically increases braking when the trailer is loaded, preventing lockup when empty and giving more power to the brakes when full.  Air brakes have fail-safe features which will apply the brake automatically if there is a failure in the tractor or trailer system. 

TractAir air brake systems for trailers include everything you need to upgrade your trailer.  Coupling and suzzie coils connect the tractor, while a reservoir stores air for control valves mounted on the chassis.  With correctly sized chambers supplied to actuate the trailer brakes and usually a bolt on fit to brackets on the axles. 

We have various options available to tailor the system to suit your needs.  Our air and hydraulic brake chambers are perfect for anyone with a mixed fleet of air and hydraulic braked tow vehicles, giving you the option of both brake types.  We can add a shunt valve to help when moving the trailer around the yard, and automatic drain valves to save on maintenance time. 

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