Air Brakes For Tractors

Why Air Brakes for tractors?

As tractors and trailers get heavier and travel at higher speeds, efficient braking is becoming more important. Air brakes deliver the powerful, controllable fail-safe braking that is required by modern road safety laws and regulations.  Adding air brakes to an existing machine is a great way to boost its value and to keep it in step with a modern fleet of tractors, towed implements and trailers. 

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Why TractAir?

Over the last 30 years, TractAir has specialised in the development of air brakes for tractors.  We supply directly to manufacturers and work with their engineering departments to design parts and systems to work in harmony with the tractor brake system.  As well as these ‘factory fitted’ systems, we use our knowledge to produce retrofit aftermarket systems for installation by importers and dealers on machines that didn’t leave the production line with air brakes.

Our air brake systems for tractors consist of an engine driven air compressor, reservoirs, control valves and couplings.  The system integrates into the original brake system of the tractor to ensure tractor and trailer brake in unison.  A connection to the park brake wiring operates the trailer brakes with the tractor brake and gives a fail-safe backup.  We connect a pressure gauge or control a pressure gauge built into the dashboard to give feedback to the driver.  All of this is included in one box, complete with comprehensive fitting instructions. 

Our systems integrate seamlessly with the tractor, using original parts where possible and taking into account all options and specification changes.  TractAir have long been at the forefront of air brake system design and evolving legislation, working with UK and EU officials to keep ahead of regulations and the develop the safety standards of tomorrow. 

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