PTG CTIS – Another sucsessful TractAir installation

Adjust tyre pressure from the driver’s seat

Tyres are the only link between the machine and the surface of the field/road

  • On the road the tyre must be hard with low wear; only possible with HIGH tyre pressure
  • In the field the tyre must be supple and soft with good traction; only possible with LOW tyre pressure

PTG CTIS Low pressures in the field

  • Reduce fuel consumption up to 15%
  • Reduced soil compaction increases yield by up to 6%
  • Improved operator comfort
  • Longer working season

PTG CTIS High pressures on the road

  • Reduce tyre wear by up to 20%
  • Change tyre pressures while moving
  • Improved stability and cornering

Rear inboard air connection available

Compatible with dual wheels

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