Ofcom opening up the air to benefit rural communities

The UK’s telecom regulator Ofcom has announced that it is opening up applications for small business and rural communities to have shared-access to airwaves “spectrums” which have so far been restricted to major mobile operators.

These networks are licenced to the mobile operators but if they are not using them then they will be available for the sharing. As these technologies get deployed it will be a very interesting time in the Industry.

Ofcom are using this approach to help support innovation for new services an example given for farmers would be to allow them to set-up their own network to connect livestock, crop and irrigation systems together. Which would allow for better planning, resource management and benefit harvesting.

This is not only set to benefit famers as rural communities and other industries in the manufacturing and entertainment sectors will likely also see a benefit to applying and gaining access to these networks. The networks proposed to be opened up to sharing by Ofcom do support 4G and 5G so the latest and the best equipment will be available to everyone.

You can apply to Ofcom now if there is a network that is not been used by its owning mobile operator in your area today to apply for access to it will cost £950 to use the network for up to three years though longer-term contracts can be agreed.