PTG CTIS – Another sucsessful TractAir installation

Adjust tyre pressure from the driver’s seat

Tyres are the only link between the machine and the surface of the field/road

  • On the road the tyre must be hard with low wear; only possible with HIGH tyre pressure
  • In the field the tyre must be supple and soft with good traction; only possible with LOW tyre pressure

PTG CTIS Low pressures in the field

  • Reduce fuel consumption up to 15%
  • Reduced soil compaction increases yield by up to 6%
  • Improved operator comfort
  • Longer working season

PTG CTIS High pressures on the road

  • Reduce tyre wear by up to 20%
  • Change tyre pressures while moving
  • Improved stability and cornering

Rear inboard air connection available

Compatible with dual wheels

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We’ll be exhibiting our tyre inflation systems along with T. Elsey tyres at the YAMS show on Wednesday next week.  Come and chat to Alex on stand D4 to find out more about our systems and what they can do for you.  The show is on from 8:30 till 4:30 and is free to attend.  It’s being held at the York Auction Centre, YO19 5GF. 

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Thank You for a great LAMMA 2020

We would like to thank Everyone who came to visit us at LAMMA 2020 as well as the organisers who arranged another great show. It was another successful year for TractAir, we hope to see you all again at LAMMA 2021.

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Come and visit us at Lamma’20 on Tuesday the 7th January or Wednesday 8th January at the NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT, UK.

Use the link to get registered:

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