Tractor CTIS, Forage Harvester CTIS and Sprayer CTIS

A tractor tyre has to perform in a variety of conditions and cope with a wide range of loads and speeds.  On the road, where 50k is becoming the norm, tyres need a higher pressure to reduce fuel consumption and wear.  Higher road pressures also promote stability and improve road-holding.  Conversely, in the field, low pressures are crucial to reduce compaction and wheel slip.  Low field pressures also have a huge effect on fuel economy and comfort. 

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Tractors experience a huge difference in axle loads between different tasks and tyre pressure is vitally important to avoid tyre damage and to get the most from your machine.  There is no compromise pressure that will work for all situations and manual changing is slow and tedious.  Our system allows pressures to be changed from within the cab, while driving at any speed. 

Our tractor CTIS, forage harvester CTIS and sprayer CTIS systems can be fitted to the front and rear of any machine.  Our dual line systems are fail-safe and can be disconnected when travelling tight to hedges or through narrow gateways.  On tractors equipped with sliding bar axles this can be via an internal air connection, keeping all pipework on the inside. 

As standard the air supply comes from the on board engine driven air brake compressor. We have a range of additional hydraulic driven compressors which are available to reduce inflation times. 

Control of tyre pressure is done at the touch of a button using a dedicated control unit, or via ISObus on the tractor screen.  New V10 ISObus software is now included as standard with lots of new features and improvements.  Michelin have recently developed the Evobib tyre, which is designed with a revolutionary new tread pattern that takes advantage of CTIS to give outstanding performance on road and field. 

See our general CTIS page to understand more about the advantages of this system and our trailer page to see what we can do for trailers and towed implements. 

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