Trailer CTIS, Tanker CTIS and Towed Implement CTIS

Trailer tyres have to carry a huge load both in the field and on the road.  This weight changes dramatically when the trailer is filled or emptied, and if soil compaction and tyre damage are to be avoided the tyre pressures need to be correct for the load and speed.  It’s not practical to change tyre pressure manually when entering and leaving a field, so farmers are forced to compromise on a pressure that’s almost never correct.  TractAir CTIS offers the chance to change tyre pressures quickly and easily from the cab of the tractor, giving you the correct pressure at all times. 

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Our dual line trailer CTIS, tanker CTIS and towed implement CTIS systems are fail-safe and can be disconnected when travelling tight to hedges or through narrow gateways.  On trailers equipped with hollow axles this can be via an internal air connection, keeping all pipework on the inside.

Our systems can be fitted to trailers, tankers, trailer sprayers, drills, in fact anything with wheels! 

As standard the air supply comes from the tractors engine driven air brake compressor. We have a range of additional hydraulic driven compressors which are available to reduce inflation times. 

Control of tyre pressure is done at the touch of a button using a dedicated control unit, or via ISObus on the tractor screen.  New this year is the Michelin Zen@Terra system which adds further functionality and automation.  Michelin have recently developed the Evobib tyre, which is designed with a revolutionary new tread pattern that takes advantage of CTIS to give outstanding performance on road and field. 

If you also equip the tractor with CTIS, tractor and trailer pressure can be changed together, for true one touch tyre management. 

See our general CTIS page to understand more about the advantages of this system and our tractor page to see what we can do for the towing vehicle. 

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