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At TractAir we design and manufacture fully integrated, high quality air braking systems for Agriculture and Rail maintenance vehicles. 


As well as supplying direct to tractor production lines we can provide kits to upgrade tractors and trailers which were only fitted with hydraulic brakes from new.  

TractAir air brakes are widely available for nearly all makes and models of agricultural tractors, trailers, bailers, combines, tele-handlers, tankers and towed implements. 

TractAir retrofit air brake systems contain every part from compressor to couplings and are supplied with complete fitting instructions.  Systems can be fitted by agricultural dealers or at our facility by our expert technicians.  TractAir can also offer a full range of spare parts for tractors and trailers, from a new compressor or brake chamber to the smallest fitting or piece of pipework.  

We deliver air brake systems across the globe – shipping regularly to every continent.  

To find out more about or dedicated air brake systems for Agriculture and Rail just click on the buttons below.

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Air Brakes for tractors?

As tractors and trailers get heavier and travel at higher speeds, efficient braking is becoming more important.

Air brakes deliver the powerful, controllable fail-safe braking that is required by modern road safety laws and regulations. 


Adding air brakes to an existing machine is a great way to boost its value and to keep it in step with a modern fleet of tractors, towed implements and trailers.  

Air Brakes for Trailers

What makes air brakes for trailers essential? Modern trailers are being built to carry more weight, and at ever higher speeds.  Widespread use of commercial axles means that larger brakes are now often fitted, however many trailers are still supplied with antiquated hydraulic brake actuation. 


Without the power to brake the trailer effectively this leads to long stopping distances and a trailer that doesn’t comply with road regulations.  On top of this, the extra load placed on the tractor brakes can be huge, leading to overheating and premature wear.  A system without load sensing will never have the correct brake force which risks locking and jack-knife when empty or insufficient braking when full. 

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Rail Air Brakes

TractAir Rail is dedicated to providing air braking systems for your specialist rail maintenance equipment. Whether you need to upgrade existing machines or are working on a new project we can offer advice, assistance and custom parts to help.

We can also provide anything from a single fitting or valve to a custom designed full brake system to include all pipework, fittings, brackets and valves.

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