Agricultural Air Brakes Systems

With increasing tractor speeds and trailer weights, air brakes are considered the only option for safe and efficient trailer braking.  They offer much improved performance and help to meet the latest laws and regulations for safe towing on the road.  Outdated hydraulic trailer brake systems can’t provide the braking efficiency demanded by modern road legislation. 

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At TractAir we design and manufacture fully integrated, high quality air braking systems.  As well as supplying direct to tractor production lines we can provide kits to upgrade tractors and trailers which were only fitted with hydraulic brakes from new.  

TractAir air brakes are widely available for nearly all makes and models of agricultural tractors, trailers, bailers, combines, tele-handlers, tankers and towed implements.  We deliver air brake systems across the globe – shipping regularly to every continent. 

TractAir retrofit air brake systems contain every part from compressor to couplings and are supplied with complete fitting instructions.  Systems can be fitted by agricultural dealers or on site by our expert technicians. 

TractAir can also offer a full range of spare parts for tractors and trailers, from a new compressor or brake chamber to the smallest fitting or piece of pipework. 

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X7 – S7 CAMPO 350

TractAir Air Brakes Benefits:

Reduce expensive wear on brakes & engine

Stop your tractor & trailer quickly & safely

Massively improved response

Greater power, feel & control

Reduce jack-knife situations

Cutting edge technology

Meet road legislation requirements

Easy to use & maintain

Fully guaranteed with technical support

We use the highest quality components & latest design techniques

TractAir Air Brakes Features:

Our systems are available with a complete range of specifications and options, including for example :

Automatic drain valves

Air driers

Tyre inflation connection points

Combined air and hydraulic brake chambers

Automatic load sensing

Shunt and park valves