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This Funding Opportunity is only available for a limited time so do call us on 01482 576222 or email us at to secure your order in good time.

But do hurry, the window for Grant Applications runs from 6th March until midday on 17th April 2024 so do check your eligibility and apply for your grant asap. Please see details and guidance below together with more information and direct links to the government Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2024 web pages.


So to be clear, you can apply now for FETF 2024 through the Farming Investment Fund service until midday on the 17th April 2024.

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Eligibility and guidance notes for
ref: FETF109 - Central tyre inflation systems

Typical example

Expected average cost of item (£): 6,933
Percentage paid towards item: 60%
Grant amount (based on a quantity of 1) (£): 4,159.80
Score: 61

Item must:

  • be a central tyre inflation system to regulate the tyre pressure of all tyres on the vehicle - inflate or deflate tyres from the cab to suit ground conditions

  • maintain air pressure in a tyre if there is a slow leak until the vehicle can be moved to a safe place

  • have a pneumatic control unit

  • have an operator control panel

  • have wheel valves and a pressure switch

  • only be fitted to agricultural and forestry machines

You can buy a central tyre inflation system as a factory fitted option to new machines.

Central tyre inflation systems for cars, 4x4s, vans and commercial vehicles are not eligible.

You must provide this item’s serial number when you submit your claim for payment.

Helpful links for your Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2024 grant application

Why Choose TractAir CTIS?

Tyre pressures are critical if you want to get the best from your tractor, trailer or towed implement. Our central tyre pressure control system will save fuel, minimise ground compaction and reduce tyre wear by allowing you to maintain the correct tyre pressures for varying loads, field conditions and speeds. This is all possible on the move at the touch of a button due to a separate CTIS control unit or on the tractor display using ISObus. 

In the field, low pressures are needed to spread the weight of the machine and to maximise grip. Conversely on the road higher pressures are needed to give stability, fuel efficiency and minimise tyre wear. Available for tractors, trailers, combines, sprayers, forage harvesters – in fact anything with wheels. 

Some of the key benefits of our CTIS systems;

  • Reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%

  • Reduce tyre wear by up to 20%

  • Reduced soil compaction increases yield by up to 6%

  • Integrates into main tractor display using ISOBUS

  • Change tyre pressures while moving

  • Proven robust technology

  • Compatible with dual wheels

  • Inboard air connection available

  • Better self-cleaning of tyre tread while in the field

  • Change pressure while moving

  • Longer working season, especially in wet areas

  • Tested to last more than 10,000 hours

  • Pneumatically controlled check-valves. (Seals and air lines are only pressurised during pressure change).

  • No loss of pressure in case of damaged air lines or leaks

The PTG system is designed and made in Germany specifically for agricultural machines.  The system uses only the best quality components and we offer full spares and support from our base in the UK.

PTG CTIS systems are easy to fit and will deliver a very quick return on investment.

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